Step aside brokers, we created something better!

First, it was investment & insurance sales

In the past, people hired a financial advisor, probably working for a bank or large organization, to help them buy stocks, and maybe some insurance.  These are the stock and insurance brokers of yesteryear.  You would only receive two services from these individuals.

Then, clients realized they deserved better

As time went on, consumers began to demand better.  They wanted help with questions such as “will I have enough money to retire?” and “will my child be able to afford to go to college?”  Thus, “traditional” financial planning was born, and is what most financial planners offer today.

Today, a select few professionals are going above and beyond

Realizing the fledgling model of “traditional financial planning” was still inadequate to address all of a client’s needs, a handful of some of the best financial planners came together to create what is known today as “Comprehensive Financial Planning.”

This is what WELLth offers, to be your trusted partner and fiduciary ready to assist you with all things financial.  We work solely in your best interests and not in the interests of product peddlers trying to push different types of investments and insurance products onto you.  We are also highly qualified, with all of our advisors holding prestigious designations in financial planning.

We are financial counselors & coaches

We view ourselves not only as financial planners, but also as financial coaches to help you be better equipped with the knowledge and discipline to make positive financial decisions on your own.  We provide educational articles, seminars, and webinars to help our clients understand the impact of their decisions and attitudes on their overall financial wellness.  We are happy to help anyone who seeks us out, but specialize in providing financial guidance to the leaders of tomorrow – those hailing from Generation X and Y.

To see what you can expect as a financial planning client of WELLth, click here to learn about our client experience.