Noun, ‘weltth
The concept that success and fulfillment are achieved through positive personal and financial habits within the context of physical and psychological self-improvement and self-care.

Hi, I’m Chris.  I’m a fee-only financial planner and the founder of WELLth Financial Planning (WELLth).

The concept of WELLth encourages individuals and families to critically reflect on what financial success means to them.  Recognizing that the definition of success is unique to each person, we create customized financial plans and guidance to allow our clients to create fulfilling and meaningful lives.

We encourage clients to ask themselves difficult, but important questions.  What does money mean to you?  Are your actions today helping or hindering your ability to build wealth?  We push beyond the psychological aspects of financial planning as well – employing cutting-edge strategies to solve challenges relating to debt, budgeting, investments, education planning, retirement, and taxes.  We replace the pings of stress you feel when thinking about money with confidence and excitement that you are building a bright and sustainable financial future.

Our Guiding Principles

We act as your financial partner to help you achieve a meaningful and fulfilling life.  We help you maximize your total dollars and teach positive financial habits so you can go on to use them to enhance your and your family’s happiness.

We have structured our business in alignment with our guiding principles and values, including:

Financial planning should be accessible

  • Unlike many financial advisors and planners, we do not require you to be rich to be a client. In fact, there are no account minimums.  We are as happy to help someone overburdened with loans and credit card debt as we are a multi-millionaire.

Financial planning should be affordable

  • Our financial planning fees are based on household size and are usually between $1500-$2,250 per year.  For those with investments, we provide access to our award-winning strategies for a flat $750 per account.  To find out what your cost would be to be a client of WELLth, click here.

Financial planning should be free of conflicts of interest

  • We are a “fee-only” advisor, meaning that we do not accept sales commissions, referral fees, or soft dollars/perks from companies with which we do business. We choose to be fee-only due to our conviction that financial advice should be conflict-free.  As of 2020, estimates are that less than 2% of financial advisors are fee-only.

Financial planners should be qualified

    • We are dedicated to our industry and dedicated to learning, attaining designations such as Certified Financial PlannerTM (CFP) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®). Moreover, our methods of analyzing financial markets have been recognized internationally, and our own research has won international awards for excellence.
Diagram of specific financial planning services included for our clients tax, investment, estate, debt, and education planning needs
We are here to assist with all of the above and much more!

Whether you are actively seeking a financial planner, or are just wondering if you could do better financially, we would like to get to know you.  Click here to schedule your free  introductory call with us.  We also invite you to explore our personal finance articles and investment commentaries, available to you here.